SPACEshot Ultrasonic Espresso - Features and Benefits

  • Ultrasonic Espresso Extraction – a world first for full espresso flavour extraction
  • Ultrasonic self-cleaning groups – coffee oils don’t stick to the group head
  • Variable Infusion Pressure (VIP) and Variable Pressure Profiling (VPP)
  • Universal power cup lift for both one and two cups
  • Auto steam cleaning power drain – prevents plumbing blockages
  • Auto milk texturizing with manual override – consistent milk temperature and foam
As coffee becomes more sophisticated and we learn more, the more we understand what we want. SPACEshot fully customizable extraction allows the barista to experiment and understand how to make the best possible coffee. SPACEshot is the machine to experiment on!
  • Fast auto steam arm sterilizer with water, steam and brushes – steam wands are always hygienically clean
  • Valves prevent milk from being sucked up the steam wands – rancid milk can never foul the boiler
  • Pre-Infusion Saturation Detection (PISD) - pre-infusion (water volume and time) is critically important for great extraction
  • Each shot is analysed by the on-board computer with a visual LED indication on each group. The Coffee Quality Factor for each shot monitors temperature stability, grind size, compaction and how long the coffee has been exposed to the group before extraction is commenced.
  • Multi stage PID Temperature Stabilized Groups (TSG) hold average group head temperatures super stable within 0.1°C
  • Auto Predictive Steaming (APS) power management combined with massive steam generation power is perfect for high volume, continuous milk steaming
  • Eco-mode and auto wake up mode for energy conservation
  • Thoroughly insulated hot components for energy and cost savings
Fast auto steam arm washers with water, steam and brushes
- steam wands are always hygienically clean
  • Computer scheduled, auto cleaning procedures with touch screen visual prompts. Machine hygiene is a breeze for staff and a clean machine is critically important for great coffee flavour and low maintenance. Ninety percent of espresso maintenance is the result of poor equipment hygiene.
  • Wireless internet manages firmware upgrades, new app uploads and off site monitoring.
  • Potential problems are advised by email and a technician can attend before equipment failure - computerized, real time, predictive Technical Maintenance Management (TMM)
  • High tech, 3D printed, medical grade components
  • SPACEpod expansion modules - extra groups and steam towers can be easily added to the SPACEbase
  • Low cost on-site equipment maintenance is achieved because modules can be quickly exchanged with back to base technical support.
  • Coffee blend lookup with personalized pressure profiling. When a coffee code is entered through the touch screen, the blend and roast database sets individual groups for optimum flavour. Every coffee has its’ own sweet spot for water temperature, shot length, shot time, coffee dosage and pressure profile.
  • Auto handle detection – double, single and blind baskets
  • Auto cup height detection from 4 oz to 20 oz
  • Auto group purge after every shot keeps groups clean
SPACEpod expansion modules add extra groups and steam towers to the SPACEbase.
  • Auto steam arm purge before and after every shot - prevents steam tip blockages
  • Designed for safe use in a commercial food service environment with reduced opportunity for hot water or steam scalding
  • Computerized incoming water quality monitoring with five stage reverse osmosis water conditioning
  • Real pressures, real volumes and real temperatures in real time. Sensors are located where you want the real numbers - inside the group head.
  • SPACEshot facilitates experimentation impossible on current espresso machines
  • Data logging assures the business operator of consistency and quality
  • The on-board computer helps the barsita to work far more efficiently and focus on taking control of the bean